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What is in the College Catalog?

The College Catalog is published annually in August and contains important information about Rhode Island College including:

  • degree requirements for all undergraduate and graduate programs of study 
  • policies and procedures that affect students, such as admissions, enrollment, and academic policies
  • Information on campus life and academic support services
  • descriptions of courses    
  • contacts for academic schools and programs

The catalog is one of the College’s documents of authority and all students are responsible for observing the rules and regulations published herein, as well as those in other official publications. Publications include, but are not limited to, the Manual of Academic Policies and Procedures, the Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures Manual, and the Student Code of Conduct.

Students typically follow program/degree requirements as printed in the catalog published during the academic year in which they first enroll at the College. 

Web Catalog

The web version of the catalog is a live document and is considered an authoritative source for information. 

While the College reserves the right to make changes, it is expected that the only edits to the web catalog, without express approval of college officials, will be the correction of errors.

PDF Catalog for Download/Printing

PDF versions of the entire catalog are published once during the Fall Semester and can be printed as needed. Individual sections of the catalog may also be printed directly from the website. Please note that printing any source of information creates a static document that may not reflect updates or corrections made.

What Content is Subject to Change

This catalog was prepared on the basis of the information available at the time of publication. Therefore, specific statements including fees, dates, course offerings, admissions requirements, financial aid practice and policies, graduation requirements, and other procedures or policies may be subject to change without notice.

Each step of the educational process, from admission through graduation, requires continuing review and appropriate approval by college officials. The college, therefore, reserves the right to change the requirements contained in this bulletin, to determine whether a student has satisfactorily met the requirements for admission or graduation, and to reject any applicant for admission for any reason the college determines to be material to the applicant’s qualifications to pursue higher education.

Need to Report an Error?

The catalog is maintained by the Office of the Provost and hosted by SmartCatalog. Please direct any corrections to catalog pages (distinguishable by a URL) to Lexi Rogel

Curriculum sections of the catalog, including program requirements and course descriptions, are informed by the approved Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and/or Graduate Committee actions.  In case of discrepancies, defer to the College-approved curriculum documentation unless otherwise directed.

Edits to curriculum without prior approval should be directed to UCC and/or GC by the appropriate faculty.

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RIC Course Bulletins

For more information about courses, for registration purposes, please refer to RIC's current course bulletin. The course bulletin lists the courses to be offered each semester, including the time, location, and instructor for each offering.

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Records Office

The Records Office ensures the accuracy, maintenance and safekeeping of all student academic records.